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2in1 Pet Bath Shower Nozzle Comb
2in1 Pet Bath Shower Nozzle Comb

2in1 Pet Bath Shower Nozzle Comb

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Multipurpose Pet Shower Head and Massage Device😺 

Everyone can agree that dogs are truly man’s best friend. There’s no better feeling than coming home to a tackle, and a shower of kisses by your adorable little friend. But bath time is always the worst. It’s messy, chaotic, and annoying when your dog just can’t seem to sit still long enough for a proper wash.

That’s why we present you with our best-seller Pet Shower Bath Nozzle! Just as the name implies, this amazing gadget will fit onto the end of any hose or shower arm, and acts as both a pet- safe cleaning brush and a hose in one!


The ergonomic round softy silicone shape and surface texture treatment design can effectively increase the friction between the hand and the shower. Non-slip, effortless, and easy to hold. 


This is the perfect way to keep your dogs calm and still, while leaving yourself practically hands free to shampoo, scrub, and pet your dog AT THE SAME TIME!

 This multi-functional shower integrates massage, shower and shampoo together. Greatly reduces water and shampoo consumption when compared to standard bathing methods.


1. Rubber grooming teeth design
The shower is designed with rubber grooming teeth, soft and skin-friendly, which will not be harmful to your pet skin while massaging. C
an effectively increase the friction between the hand and the shower, which is non-slip, labor-saving and easy to hold. round shape, easy to slip and laborious, not easy to hold.

2. Ergonomic design
Anti-slip handle design can make you grip firmly the shower.Ergonomic design, you can use the shower comfortably and not feel hand fatigue for long-time usage.

3. Independent switch
Independent switch design is convenient for you to open or close the shower when bathing for your pet.

4. Dual-purpose
You pet can enjoy a comfortable massage while bathing, and it can promote the blood circulation.At the same time, it also can enhance intimacy with your pet.

5. All kind garden hoses 
With universal interface, this pet grooming sprayer is perfectly compatible with most of hose. And the product has a gasket and water filter net, can effectively filter the pet hair to avoid blocking. This pet wash set contains sorts of connectors and appropriate for all types of backyard hoses with the adapters. 

Our shower kit will help you to brush away dirt, dander, and loose hair from your pets easily. With enhanced high-quality silicone grooming tips, it ensures a gentle massage and grooming.








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