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(3 Pack) Comfortable Seamless Wire-Free Bra

(3 Pack) Comfortable Seamless Wire-Free Bra

(3 Pack) Comfortable Seamless Wire-Free Bra

Get rid of the back fat and Saggy Breast easily with the Comfort Wire-Free Bra!

Our  Comfort Wire-Free Bra let you experience smooth, silky and soft wearing comfort while innovative fabrics provides an instant sculpting of breasts shape and contour



  • NO Underwires!
  • NO Shoulder Pain
  • NO Saggy Breast
  • NO Back Fat , Bulges, Spillages and Bra Lines!
  • NO Chafing
  • NO Pain From Straps
  • NO Drooping



      • Instantly lifts & supports breasts:
        Gives you an instant breast lift and support while increasing a full cup size to boost your appearance, confidence and silhouette.
      • Reduces the sizes of side breast & sizes up your breasts:
        Smooth out bulges and re-define the contour of other surrounding areas including underarms and back
      • Prevents wrinkled skin due to sagging:
        No more droopy, saggy breasts and reshape loose skin on breasts.

      • Stretchy seamless medium/low-support sports bra: with added stretchy, our seamless bra suits for whatever small and plump chest, light sports such as yoga, gym, jogging, sleeping, working and daily wear.This Genie women's bra delivers strategic support, tailored for medium/low-impact activities.

      • Ultra-smooth fabric delivers a highly feel, offering maximum comfort. Breatheable fabric best for Moisture-wicking and keep you cool during the workout.

      • Reduces sweating & boob rashes

      • Wire free and with wide straps, super soft and Breathable. Our seamless bra is comfortable and zero feeling, reduce friction and injury during daily exercise. Seamless construction eliminates side seams & chafing.

      • A great bra as leisure daily active wear or sleep bra, perfect under your tank or T-shirt, also suit for post surgery and during or after the pregnancy.



      • SIZE: ( Model Height 5'4 (165cm), weight 75kg, wearing size: 3XL )








      I have been buying this bra for years now and absolutely LOVE THEM!!
      I am a size 40 DDD and the XXL fits perfectly.
      They do wear out faster than underwire bras, so new ones have more support tha older ones. My older ones just become lounge bras!
      The new ones I can wear out and about with plenty of support.

      Kimberly Jane

      It is very hard for me to find anything comfortable as I have one shoulder lower and one breast much larger than the other. I also have curvature of the spine in the neck and shoulder area. Bras had to be adjusted all over, including ripping seams apart and sewing again to fit.. One area would make another area useless. I usually have problems with pull overs with my bad neck and shoulders, but some of the reviews made me go hmmmm.
      I ordered one of these in navy to go with a lacy shoulder top I have.
      I want 10 of these.

      Helen Hodgman

      I absolutely live, LIVE I tell you, in these bras. I have them in all different colors and as I've been loosing weight I've been buying them in smaller sizes. I have an extremely large bust size and people like me know that finding a good quality comfortable bra is a monumental chore. I'm 5'7 and my bra size was like a 40 G. I started out with the 2xl size and that worked great. Now I'm on the xl size and prob a triple D. I love these bras more than any I've ever found in all my 30 years of bra wearing!

      Katja Smith

      I suffer from fibromyalgia and wearing any type of clothing especially a bra can be very painful. These are the absolute softest bras I’ve ever worn!! They are pull on or step in which is great. I highly recommend them for anyone but especially those who suffer from chronic pain! I will purchase these again and again!!

      Helen William
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