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6 in 1 Easy Crease Line Set
6 in 1 Easy Crease Line Set
6 in 1 Easy Crease Line Set
6 in 1 Easy Crease Line Set
6 in 1 Easy Crease Line Set

6 in 1 Easy Crease Line Set

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Achieve Perfect Cut Crease Eyeshadow Look in 3 SECS!

If you think applying professional makeup on your face is a challenge, say no more because this will definitely help you achieve a makeup look that will make you look stunning and fabulous!




No more struggle of creating a cut-crease, because this tool will let you nail the stunning eye looks in no time! Just put the cut-crease kit on your eyes, apply eyeshadow with a brush, and swipe it back & forth to get a fabulous look in seconds!




Comes with three pairs of adjustable, reusable crease shapes, this kit provides one-size-fits all solution for any eye shapes and eyeshadow style including round, almond and wing effects. Perfect for makeup lovers of any skill levels, this kit will turn a complicated 25mins process into 10 seconds!



  • Effortless Perfect Cut-Crease
    No more struggles of painting a cut-crease! This kit will let you get the professional eye makeup in seconds every time with zero mistakes.
  • Eye-Catching, Stunning Eye Looks
    Effortlessly create crease effects that enlarge your lid with perfectly filled in eyeshadow!
  • Great for Beginners, Time-Saving
    Turns a complicated makeup process into seconds - Perfect for beauty lovers of any skill level especially beginners to look fabulous in no time.

  • One-Size Fits All
    Comes with three sets of round, almond and wing shapes to suits any eye shapes and eye shadow styles.

  • Versatile Eyeshadow Styles
    Effortlessly create half-cut crease, natural crease, winged crease and more with zero mistakes.


  • Comfy Handle
    Designed for flawless, easy application for all beauty lovers.




      We also want every beauty enthusiasts to be able to bypass the hard procedures of creating the ideal cut crease and get a professional appearance every time in only minutes. 

      Our 6 in 1 Easy Crease Line Set helps achieve any makeup look everyone wants to have, regardless of skill level!




      • 1 x 6 in 1 Easy Crease Line Set


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