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Hip & Abs Muscle Stimulator Fitness Trainer

Help you tone, tighten and firm your hips and buttocks that you've always wanted!

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Firms, Tones, Strengthens and Tightens Muscles

Self-Training At Home, In The Gym And Office!

Abdominal Muscle Massager

Firms and define your core

Better buttock shape

Get fit anywhere, anytime!

A new generation of fitness method, our Hip & Abs Muscle Stimulator Fitness Trainer can help you tone, tighten and firm your hips and buttocks that you've always wanted!

  • 1 key operation

  • 25 minutes per day 

  • 6 modes, 10 intensity level

  • Strengthening muscle contractions

  • For any parts of body muscle

  • Burning  fat to achieve weight loss.

  • 100% Safe to use

  • Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) Technology

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What is the specification?

1. Item Type: Hip/Buttocks Trainer 

2. Training Modes: 6 Modes

3. Material: PU

4. Color: Black and Orange

5. Power by: 2pcs AAA battery (not included)

How to operate the item?

1. Slide the battery cover off

2. Install 2PCS AAA battery correctly

3. Attach the device onto the hips pad

4. Remove the storage sheet

5. Position the hips pad onto your hips

6. Press the ON/INC button to turn on

7. Press the program to choose your modes

8. Press the ON/INC button to increase intensity or OFF/DEC button to              decrease the intensity

9. Flex and enjoy



1. For first time use, please try the low intensity to adapt the device, later you can try the a higher intensity level.

2. Device will turn off automatically after 12 seconds, if you don’t do anything.

3. Please re-cover the adhesive pads with protective layer after workout, to prevent adhesive pad from drying. 

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