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Bluetooth Sleep Mask Headphones
Bluetooth Sleep Mask Headphones
Bluetooth Sleep Mask Headphones

Bluetooth Sleep Mask Headphones

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The most comfortable sleep mask with built-in Bluetooth headphones! 

  • Fall Asleep in Half The Time: The black-out sleep mask + wireless headphones will help you effortlessly fall asleep.
  • Built-in Bluetooth Headphones: Calming audio has been proven to relieve insomnia & improve sleep quality. Enjoy it with our built-in thin, padded speakers
  • Block 100% Of Light & Noise: Blocking external light produces melatonin allowing you to drift asleep faster.
  • Perfect For Side & Back Sleepers: The thin speakers are comfortable for any type of sleeping position.
  • Relieve Insomnia & Stress: Quality sleep is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Unwind & de-stress with Sleep Eye Mask Headphones.



When do you need Sleep Eye Mask Headphones?

  • if your bedroom can't completely be shaded by black-out curtains and you want to sleep in
  • if you can't asleep because your partner wants to read or watch TV on deep night
  • if you want to sleep while travelling,e.g. on airplanes or in trains or longtime bus
  • if you are looking for perfect relaxation during yoga, wellness or meditation


Fall Asleep Faster With Music 

Listening to calming sleep sounds is proven to help you fall asleep up to 45% faster!
Comfortably enjoy your favorite music, podcats, audiobooks & sleep stories nightly.



Regain Your Peace & Quiet

The thin, padded headphones will drown out any annoyances like snoring, TV sounds, loud neighbors, roommates, etc.. get your peace back!



Sleep Deeper & Feel Refreshed

Darkness produces melatonin which helps you fall asleep faster & sleep deeper. Deep sleep will help you to wake up feeling refreshed & energized every day.


Protect Your Ears!

Traditional earbuds & "pods" are proven to damage your ears after repeated use, especially if you use them to sleep at night.

Not only are they extremely uncomfortable but they will cause painful inflammation around the cartilage of your ear that can cause a lifetime of pain, discomfort and even minor hearing loss.



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